It isn´t always easy being an openly gay singer-songwriter in the country/folk vein, especially in Nashville, but Steff Mahan wouldn´t have it any other way. Years ago, she left a high-paying job as an advertising executive to become a songwriter at $150 per week. Playing her honest and soulful brand of Americana in Nashville clubs eventually earned her attention from a record label, but there was a hitch. "I wanted to be successful so badly, I led them to believe I was someone I wasn´t. I realized if I had to play straight to be successful in the music business, I would be miserable," Mahan says. She told the label as much, and they dropped the deal-but Mahan had proven something to herself. "I believe being myself and standing side-by-side through bad and good with that one person who will always love you is true success." Mahan plays more than 200 live shows a year in support of her most recent album, Where I´m Coming From. It´s an exhausting but exhilarating way to earn a living. "There may always be times when I wonder why I chose this path, but I also know that I would not totally be happy unless I was playing and writing. It´s not just what I do, it´s who I am." -KL

"Mahan is a very effective vocalist, but that’s telling you nothing you didn’t already know. Her emotions are front and center on the disc, but what truly shines even brighter here is the songwriting." Full Article

"The rough mixes of this new record make it clear she is headed in a different direction...It's obvious this new record is about someone who knows where she's been."  Full Article

"Steff Mahan has forged a career out of more than just solid songcraft and smooth vocal delivery, though she has both of those in spades. She has also been one of those rare artists who has never forgotten that music is, at its heart, a vehicle for relationships and two-way communication." Full Article 

"...Modern country with a touch of Bonnie Raitt-like bluesiness. Mahan testifies to the power of renewal even as she chronicles her bittersweet longings and regrets." 

"...An entertaining, can't miss performance."

"Without resorting to artifice or cliches, Steff Mahan has a gift for writing songs that sneak up on you, and before you know it, get you all teary-eyed..."

"The guitar prowess of Sheryl Crow; the voice, a cross of Stevie Nicks and Emmylou Harris; the songwriting of Joni Mitchell. That's Steff Mahan."

"Simply a wicked cool singer/songwriter."

"An honest and brave step in a world where voices are airbrushed as easily as pictures."

"Of the many songwriters to call Nashville home, Steff Mahan is arguably one of the most talented and most giving...She delivers soulful but sweet powerhouse tunes wrapped in a deliciously down to earth alternative country style."

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